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Saturday, 7th July 2018

Varapunya Meditation Centre will be celebrating second year in its new home this year 2018. The centre has been busy with spiritual enhancements, physical developments and outreach helping communities. 

The centre is blessed to welcome Venerable monks and nuns from around the world. Their presence is very spiritual and members of community greatly benefited from their teachings and sharing. Among those most respected Venerables are : Luangpor Boonchuey, Ajahn Vimokkha, Ajahn PM Wichian from Thailand, Nigrodha bhante, Ajahn Niroj, Ajahn Rahul, Sister Nun Mudita from Nepal,  Pragyasiri bhante from Myanmar, chanderbodhi bhante from India. We hope to continue welcoming them, receive blessings and their noble teachings in future. 

The centre is grateful to received kind donation of two Buddha statues from Thailand and Sri Lanka, which are enshrined in a temporary location inside a Barn and beautifully established in the garden. Similarly, we are also very fortunate that over fifteen thousands of books were freely printed in Taiwan for the centre. They are arrived at the centre after couple of hundreds pounds custom clearance and have been shared with many other organisations in the UK. 

Some of the major changes at the centre are tree plantation in the field to create a contemplative woodland and new tarred road to the centre. Contemplative woodland is one of a centre’s major project that is under way. we have planted almost two thousands of trees. Woodland trust generously donated about two thousands of tubes and pegs to protect trees from deer. Solstice, under the leadership of Bruce prepared plants as a part of healing program. These tree’s seeds were collected from trees that were cut down or going to cut down from different places around Aberdeen city and shire, mainly from Aberdeen new bypass road (AWPR) and Union Terrace garden. The woodland is a new home for those trees. Students from Solstice also came to the site and planted trees as a part of our door activities. Meanwhile, we had a community tree planting on 24th March, which members of Centre along with over 15 children  and neighbours joined the day volunteering to plant trees. 

Early year 2018, the centre suffered greatly from harsh one week long snowing and pouring rain. Gable end of the Cottage needed to repair due drafts and rainwater, which finally done with just over two thousands of pounds. Drainage blocked, which members volunteered to dig and repair it. Similarly, shrine room installed wood burner and rooms been carpeted to keep warm.

The road to centre was badly hit by the rain that the road in front of the centre turned into a small stream water, which ripped off the road. Monks along with Pook and Bruce volunteered helping to repair it with rubbles and stones. It was not pleasant drive to the centre with such poor conditions. So, the centre paid £4000 pounds to upgrade it into current form. This is shared road with our neighbour next door and our members thought to upgrade it. On behalf of the VMC I would like to express my sincere appreciation to everyone who has contributed in different ways towards it. Without your generosity these projects are impossible. 

The centre is also building public toilet at the back, which will be accessible from the Cottage and outside. Current toilets are not convenient for general people to use. So, the toilets would facilitate our members. The fund raising event will take place on 2nd September 2018. Every every donation is welcome. 

The centre offers free meditation sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday nights and weekend morning, and Buddhist studies in different days. Similarly, the centre successfully is offering meditation sessions in the Aberdeen city and shire. Mindfulness Mondays at Aberdeen Health Village is one of them which about 30-40 people attends every sessions. This is a joint project with NHS Multicultural and wellbeing and Aberdeen Health Village kindly providing space. This project led us to run a first six weeks mindfulness meditation learning sessions at Credo. We are running second session this year 2018 in September. I would like to thank Liz for her hard work, communication, support and organising. Without her dedication and support this project would not come this far. The centre also offered two lunch time mindfulness sessions in a month in the Aberdeen City Council building for staffs. Mindfulness meditation at Inverurie library was another success but it’s been closed for temporary. Meanwhile, monks began visiting community collecting alms every Tuesday and Wednesday morning in the Aberdeen City and Friday morning in Westhill. It’s a age old Buddhist tradition that monks would visit community to collect food and bless them. Monks are not visiting to collect food alone but it is a tradition way to connect with community and giving them an opportunity learn to to give or share.

On behalf of the centre, Ajahn Sujan is traveling different cities building bridges between different organisations. Apart from working with other Buddhist centres and organisations, currently he is actively involving in establishing a Nibbanaram community group in Essex, assisted and attended opening a new centre London Mindfulness Meditation Centre in Hendon, advising opening a Nun’s centre in Thailand etc. 

These success would not be possible with out everyone’s support and dedication. The centre is very proud to have you all and supporting its activities, which is helping community to learn meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a tool that helps to heal their pains and looses. As the Buddha said ‘one who gives happier than one keeps. Generously bring helping and caring heart, which leads to the freedom of hate, jealousy, anger towards other as well as healing our own hearts. It bring peace and harmony in our life and will help to bring peace in others. 

May the triple gems bless you all and peace everyone achieve peace and harmony in life. 

Nibbana paccayo hotu. 

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